X-wing RED 2 (designed by Imcold) extension

Version v1.4 contains:


Hollow wings

Hollow wings

Hollow wings

Inner wing engine (RED 2 style)

Detailed parts (greebles)

This are extensions for X-wing RED 2 model by Imcold (http://xwingpm.wz.cz/index.php?page=1).

This extension does not contain full model. You can download it here: http://xwingpm.wz.cz/index.php?page=4 (RED 2 version).

I make changes to the model as I build it, so I will add new extensions when I address them.

So what is inside for now:

– added detailed versions of some wing parts (font engine cover details, front and back greebles around engine)

– corrected bad inner engines placement (Sorry, I did not notice earlier)

– new parts for inner wing engines („sealabs and „vessels“)

– smaller file sizes (optimized pdf)

– new detailed wing engine for RED 2 variant

– retextured cockpit to look like on screen in movie SW IV – A New Hope (as close as I can make it from references I have:)).

– new parts for truly hollow wings.

– new textures for engine parts (front half) on all four wings. So now you have four uniquely textured engines (instead of two uniquely textured engines).

Currently working on – not included right now:

– comlete retexture of original parts for back half of the engines to better match RED 2 engine greebles.

– slight shape modification of back half of the engines.
– detailed versions of canon holder)
(DONE:design, texture, test build; TODO: instructions)
– stand
(DONE: first version design; TODO:redesign, texture, instructions, test build)